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About Larry’s Grand Ole Garage

The old garage and transmission shop has an overhead door that is still in place. The scars and marks left by heavy tools and auto parts are in evidence. From 1960 until his sudden death in 1999, Larry Plemons earned his living in the building as an auto mechanic. Since 2000, sounds of guitars, banjos, mandolins, fiddles and dobros have replaced the harmony of a mechanic practicing his trade.

The Grand Ole Garage is the product of faithful devotion and determination of Lonnie Jones as a lasting memorial to his best friend who loved and played bluegrass music. Following Plemons death, Lonnie bought the garage and adjacent house from his widow, Judy. After a year of remodeling and installing stage lights, a sound system, a mixing board and a couple dozen old church pews, the music began to flow, all in loving memory of his old friend.

by Jim Allen

Admission is free. Donations are accepted, but not required, to help pay the light bills.